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San Francisco deserves bold action on housing, schools, & safety.

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Equity. Safety. Climate. Now.

We have just years left to address the economic, safety, and climate crises facing San Francisco. I’m running for State Assembly to bring real results to California and ensure we remain a beacon of hope for the middle class.

We will do this by reforming our public schools to be pandemic proof, and building new systems to actually eliminate chronic homelessness. We will cut crime at its root by going after drug dealers and criminal cartels, while addressing anti-Asian violence. And we will create a new green economy by reforming our housing policy and subsidizing electrification of all vehicles and buildings.

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A New Leader for a Better San Francisco.

Bilal is an innovator with experience in both the public and private sectors who thinks big, never quits, and delivers on real results. The child of immigrants, Bilal has worked to address economic inequities as a neuroscientist at Stanford, analyst in the Obama Administration, and founder of nonprofits in San Francisco. His innovative and collaborative approach to addressing our most pressing problems have improved people’s lives locally and globally for over a decade.

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